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Most paint and stain should be applied with a brush and roller combination. Experts agree that spraying paint or stain on most residential surfaces is not desirable with the exception of shutters and doors. Spraying does not allow for sufficient product penetration.  It also breaks down the chemical composition of paints and stains thus severely limiting its longevity.

Hands down this is the most important part of any project. Careful and thorough surface preparation is critical to project longevity.

We perform many methods of preparation with tarping, taping and vacuum containment procedures. Any project is only as good as its preparation.

Most surfaces are thoroughly washed and or scrubbed with Bleach or Tri Sodium followed by Power Rinsing.  If mildew is a problem then we will use the Bleach Formula to remove it.  Sufficient drying time must be allowed prior to primer or finish coatings.

Power washing in itself is not advised on many older homes where the surface is compromised and is at risk of damage due to the intensive water pressure.  In these situations, which are determined on a case by case basis the final cleaning method may again be a combination of hand washing followed by power rinsing.  If these methods are not carefully followed and researched, then over a short period of time peeling, bubbling and mildew problems will reoccur.

Power washing can be utilized on decks, brick, stucco and newer wood surfaces when proper drying time is allowed.

Exposed, cracked, and peeling paint on all surfaces will be thoroughly hand scraped and often sanded to ensure the best possible surface for paint adhesion.  Our scraping techniques will remove damaged paint that is not bonded.

Glossy surfaces will be sanded to provide proper primer and paint adhesion.  Most scraped surfaces will be sanded with hand and power equipment to further remove excess non-bonding paint and to smooth excessively rough edges.  Hepa-vacuum containment is utilized when necessary.

Primer Coat
All exposed wood that is to be painted must be primed prior to painting.  We use a combination of oil and water-based primers for excellent adhesion and penetration.  These products also provide stain sealing capabilities.

We use a variety of caulking compounds which is determined by the situation.  Caulk is applied to failed caulk lines, cracks or other small structural abnormalities to seal out moisture and other elements.

We offer complete window re-glazing services.

Plants, A/C units, lighting, and other features unique to your property will be protected from washing, scraping, and painting.

Interior surfaces where there is smoke, dirt, or staining damage will be thoroughly cleaned.

Wall & Ceiling Repair
Cracks in walls and ceilings will be scraped and repaired with spackle, joint compound and or fiberglass mesh as needed.  Extensive drywall and plaster repair are our specialties.

Sanding is done for bonding, knockdown or leveling purposes.  Patches are sanded for a smooth float.  Woodwork, doors, trim are sanded for adhesion and most often vacuumed and tac-clothed to provide a clean, debris-free surface.

Staining & Varnishing
We offer and specialize in complete staining, varnishing, and refinishing services.

Yes, it does.  We choose to use Sherwin Williams, Hallman Lindsay, Benjamin Moore or customer preferred products if requested.  We rarely use “contractor grade” products unless specifically recommended.  These often are less expensive for the contractor but ultimately more expensive for the customer if they fail.

Temperature, humidity, and sunlight all play an important role in product longevity.  When doing exterior work, daily and hourly assessments of weather conditions are constantly observed.  We pay special attention to these and other variables when we undertake a project.  We also use products that are specifically formulated to withstand weather and temperature surprises that may suddenly occur.

At Peters Painting Contractors, we employ only skilled, professional craftsmen who take pride in their work.  This translates into a quiet, non-smoking project site that is orderly when we work and clean when we leave.  Because we only work on one project at a time, you will receive our full attention, and your project will be completed to your satisfaction in a timely manner without taking any shortcuts.

We are very experienced in regard to color selection and will be happy to help you in making color decisions.  We have many examples of existing projects that reflect a wide variety of color combinations.  We advise all clients to purchase a sample of the desired color prior to our starting.  By applying a small “test area” on your structure, you can make a confident decision about the colors you are choosing.

Peters Painting Contractors is fully insured.  Property damage, public liability, and worker’s compensation insurance has been taken out with West Bend Insurance.

We are lead-safe certified.

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