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High-Quality Painting Services Since 1977

Since our founding in 1977, we have tried to make this company one of the most quality-oriented, reliable, and innovative painting, staining, and refinishing organizations in Madison and the surrounding area. We recognize the need for a more intelligent and professional approach to the painting business. My foundation is incorporating excellent craftsmanship with an “old school” approach. This means maintaining a very small business good neighbor platform where you can count on us for your current and future needs without having to navigate an ever-increasing high-tech depersonalized business search. Pick up the phone and feel free to call or email.

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Project Guidelines: Continuity on the Project Site

  • We strive to work on one project at a time.
  • We employ skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.
  • We operate a “team” philosophy. Labor and management share common goals.
  • We operate a clean, quiet, non-smoking project site.
  • We stand behind our work and are fully insured.
  • We use premium-grade materials.
  • We recognize that surface preparation is the single most important part of a project

Message From the Owner

I started this business over 40 years ago. I enjoy seeing a home “come to life” after a project is completed.

The objective is to clearly differentiate my company, the services we provide, and the quality products we offer. I hope you have as much fun viewing this booklet as we do in exceeding your expectations.

Eric L. Peters

We Look Forward To Exceeding Your Expectations!